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Corporate websites

Corporate websites design

Design and functionality: presents your company in the best way


We'll take your corporate image on the web creating Internet sites designed to combine technology and image for the benefit of your business.

High responsiveness and graphic continuity are the guidelines for designing each site; a corporate website must be simple, intuitive in use, and at the same time convey the founding values of the company through well-organized content and clear paths to find the necessary information.

A showcase-site can also be a valuable tool for management of the customer, in order to provide manual or documentation, or even to act as a support to a company blog and social pages link.


How to make a corporate site more interesting for yours customers

At the classic presentation site you can integrate features such as:

  • Ticket Customer Care

    • allows to manage contacts and information request from customers in an orderly and traceable way, offering - as a user - an extremely professional image, and -for the admin - an extremely easy way to manage all requests from the site.
  • Chat- online operator

    • Many of the simplest requests can often be handled online by a chat operator who can directly satisfy the request or divert it to the most appropriate office by providing real-time information, streamlining e-mail work, reducing workflow mail.
  • Download Area

    • In a download area, you can upload certificates, permissions, user manuals, presentation brochures, or free material to share with your users.
  • Upload Area

    • you can also create a document reception area - for example, for accountants or attorneys - but also for images or any documentation that can be sent over the web.
  • Blog / Forum

    • Whether the organization allows it, a corporate blog, or even a forum, can enrich the experience and interaction of the potential customer with your site and, consequently, with your business.
  • Reserved Area

    • for admin or sales network, press-area, or areas for registered customers to view listings, stock availability, documents etc.
  • Images Gallery

  • Video Gallery

  • Subscription

    • to manage subscriptions without creating an e-commerce
  • Directory

    • it can be useful, in the case of companies with many affiliates, franchises or sales outlets, to have a directory section where to easily insert or remove sites without modifying texts and content.

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