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Graphic design

Brand and logo design, corporate identity development

That the corporate image is important is a concept that does not need to be clarified, we see it every day all around us, in the choices we make, in the advertisements that accompany our days. What must be emphasized is the creativity and professionalism behind each logo, flyer or website. For this we provide you with over ten years of experience in advertising, and a good dose of imagination!


Corporate Identity

graphic designEnter the market with a coordinated image has become an indispensable choice. Once created the brand, it is good that the whole image with which the company aims to be realized with the same format, to create a thread that easily recalls the memory of the consumer business. Our agency creates and follows in time, every aspect graph and communication are necessary to promote your business, assuring continuity of image and secure storage of all graphic production. Our graphic studio is able to support you in developing differentiated graphic and communication for each market area, in order to optimize resources and maximize results.

Logo and Trademark design

The company logo, or the brand, is intended to accompany the company all his life, so it is particularly important that it is made with care, and is not only a Holy card that somehow invokes your business. Must comply with technical features that make it suitable for use on all print media, and in all possible ways to use-b & w, grayscale, CMYK, web ...

We develop logos that meet all the parameters you need, quickly and at low cost. When necessary, we can perform searches and inspections to ensure the originality of the image choice, and if so, proceed with the registration of the trade mark in order to better protect your business.

Corporate image

Graphic design for brochure, magazine, catalogue and more

Graphic service pricelist


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Express graphic service - your flyer, poster, banner, or any other format, in just two hours! *

grafica espressoNeed graphics for a flyer, a poster or other very quickly?
no problem! Send us an email or use the dedicated form and within two hours you will have the first draft of your flyer, poster, banner or else!

* The express graphic service is available from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00. File reception is considered to 17:00, the delivery is made until 20:00. For received files to Friday after 12:00 will also start working on the first working day following useful, or it can also be processed on holidays urgency surcharge of 30%, of which the customer will be informed before you proceed to work. If you prefer to do things slowly, you can send us an email telling us what you need: size, type of product, the colors you prefer, any logos and / or images to be inserted, and any other useful information to make your own in graphic optimal. You can write to us at info@osmarketing.eu or use the form to the request for quotation, we will respond as soon as possible.

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