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SEM e SEA : pay-per-click campaigns

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sem pay per clickThe SEM - search engine marketing - is an important specialization in the field of web promotion activities. It mainly declines through paid ads on search engine results pages, but also includes:



  • YouTube campaings
  • Display of Google AdWords
  • social campaigns (sponsored posts on social networks)
  • other ad delivery channels implemented in specialized sites

In the event of the publication of banners or other advertising formats we also talk about SEA - search engine advertising. The demarcation line is rather fluid at present, separating the two concepts primarily depends on the ability to collect return data and activate retargeting or remarketing campaigns. Cost calculation in SEM campaigns takes place mostly for clicks, except in the case of branding campaigns where you prefer "per view" mode.

Search engine marketing goals:

  • reach users when - through a search on Google or other search engines - show an interest in the product / service we want to propose

  • Collect data about users who are interested in our product / service by clicking on the ad in order to retry the ad or one of its variants later (remarketing)

  • Collect data for users who are interested in our product / service by clicking the ad in order to refine your targeting by republishing more targeted ads based on collected data (retargeting)

other promotion ways trough SEM:

  • branding campaigns
    • increase brand awareness
  • leads generation
    • collecting leads, or commercially useful contacts
  • direct sales
    • promoting ecommerce sales through price comparisons and shopping ads

through SEM, other collateral activities can be developed:

  • Benchmarking - the study of the competitive environment

  • brand monitoring - monitoring sentiment about a brand

  • and in general any activity that can benefit from the collection of highly specialized statistical data

NOTE: SEM activities do not in any way affect the placement of a site on search engines. The ad's effectiveness in terms of visibility ends when the publication is suspended. In contrast, SEO activities are characterized by an extremely long lasting, durable, and well-set, self-feeding queue.