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SEO : optimize and indexing a website

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Indexing a website is an indispensable task for turning it from simple company profile of your business into a work tool that can generate contacts and therefore revenue. A good site ranking on search engines improves the advertising impact of the website: more visits, more contacts for the business, better image of the company through digital marketing and all related activities.
One of the key factors to gaining success on the web is to have a good position on Google and other search engines: this is how the concept of SEO is developed, that is, the set of techniques aimed at optimizing a site for the its visibility by the search engines, Google first.

Statistics show that 90% of users doing web searches will choose the sites on the first page; Of these, over 75% of searches for a purchase - both online and local - will end with one of the companies visited on the web.

Here are, in a nutshell, the reasons for developing a good search engine marketing strategy:

  • long-lasting visibility

  • targeted organic visits

  • more conversions

  • lower pay-per-click costs

SEO professional services

Online marketing is what we like to do, and we like to do it well. From content development to the choice of the most aggressive SEO strategies, discover all the possibilities to get your site to a winning position on search engines.

The first step is to search and select keywords, and identify the semantic field you want to place your site on: it is a key step to reach the right audience and increase useful visits that can generate conversions, sales, collecting leads and helpful contacts to develop your business

We can help you to choose the best keywords for your project

With a careful analysis of your referral market, we will choose the most useful keywords and can get more conversions.

The web is an extremely competitive market. It is imperative to know the competitors, to find out its weaknesses and to implement marketing strategies that will enable us to gain a leading position on the market.

A look at the market

Careful analysis and understanding of statistical data will highlight the opportunities for your website to be properly positioned on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Building relevant links to your site is a complex process that requires a wide range of techniques and methodologies to attract the right, and enough, link to increase your site's credibility to search engines.

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High quality links are essential

to help you index your website. Link building is one of the most important techniques for positioning a site and determining its classification by search engines.

There are many purely technical aspects that need to be optimized on a site to make it feel appetizing to the search engines.

Website responsiveness, speed, and structure

These are the three factors that need to be optimized for

  • Make the user's experience easier
  • Speed up visits, especially mobile
  • Order topics by importance to crawler eyes

It is essential to develop a SEO-oriented content strategy. That does not mean just writing for search engines, but writing quality content for the user so that they can be well-researched by the search engines.

Original content and well written

allow your site to

  • represent a useful resource for the user
  • Get a good Google Quality Score
  • Involve public attention on the topics you care about